Tranquility Mattress


Tranquility Memory Foam Mattress

1- 4cm 50D gel Air Foam

2- 6cm 50D Smart Foam

3- 18cm 25D HD Premium Base Foam



MLily – The Future of Mattresses

The Tranquility Mattress combines the best technologies in the industry to create one of the best sleeps you have ever had.

Features a base of 18cm of 25D Premium Base Foam, layered with 6cm of 50D Smart Foam, finished with a 4cm Layer of 50D Gel Air Foam, exclusively made by MLily.

All MLily Mattresses feature a removable mattress cover,  making it easy for washing away dust, allergens and more, creating a hygienic environment to sleep in.

total thickness: 28cm

10 Year Replacement Warranty


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