Luxus Mattress


Luxus Memory Foam Mattress

1- 2.5cm 38D blue Air Gel Foam + 2cm 300g Quilted cover

2- 4cm 38D Gel Air Foam

3- 5cm 40D Memory Foam

4- 5cm 32D Convoluted Foam

5- 21.5cm 32D Premium Foam Zoned



MLily – The Future of Mattresses

The Luxus Mattress, top of the range in the MLily mattress range, combines the best technologies in the industry to create one of the best sleeps you have ever had.

Features a base of 21.5cm of 32D Premium Zoned Base Foam, layered with 5cm of Convoluted Foam, 5cm of 40D Memory Foam, 4cm of Gel Air Memory Foam, finished with a 2.5cm Layer of Blue Gel Air Foam + 2cm 300g Quilted cover exclusively made by MLily.

Features a Zoned Foam, cut precisely, to contour the body to perfection.

All MLily Mattresses feature a removable mattress cover,  making it easy for washing away dust, allergens and more, creating a hygienic environment to sleep in.

total thickness: 38cm

10 Year Replacement Warranty


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